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Hippo campus members dating best dating sites brussels En route to Pontiac, Michigan, the Hippo Campus lead vocalist is still readjusting to the exhausting whirlwind of his familiar on-the-road lifestyle. Bambi — Hippo Campus Hippo Campus garnered an intense hometown following not long read more formation, but the release of debut LP Landmark in 2017 helped propel the young Minnesotans towards a mind-blowingly loyal fanbase worldwide. While Landmark hippo campus members dating chock full of zippy guitar riffs, dashes of unexpected orchestration and profound lyrics that spoke wisely on hippo campus members dating in general terms, Bambi reads not unlike a personal journal.

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Pooneh Ghana Hippo Campus The old second album paradox. Their formula -- lead with an insistent riff, roll in clever verses and bursting, sunny hooks that belied often conflicted observations -- proved damn near irresistible for a sizable, passionate and heavily female fan base. But it also boxed them into something of a corner. Hippo Campus had achieved a signature sound, but when faced with that sophomore fork in the road, with the encouragement of their go-to producer BJ Burton Bon Iver, Low , they veered left. Or do you want to make a record under the name Hippo Campus?

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