10 things no one tells you before you go to an AA meeting

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Dating newcomers in aa most successful dating sites The stuff that hooks us. It means holding off on moving, changing jobs, starting a relationship, etc. It's not a bad suggestion.

Right before her 90th day of sobriety, an older man in her "home group" an AA term for the recurring meeting she most regularly attended within the schedule approached her after a meeting. She had cried in the meeting, and he wanted to comfort her — so he invited her to come to his apartment and see some of his paintings. He convinced her it was fine, so she laid down with her clothing on. Let me untie this halter.

The original purpose of meetings of AA, and it says it directly in the book, is for newcomers to find and hear the message. We stay sober by helping the newcomer and, more often than not, the newcomer helps the old-timers more than they know. We are a community built on helping each other. If you step foot into any Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, chances are that you will hear suggestions for the newcomer. Although a newcomer at first may look at the suggestions as redundant or be skeptical, but when you start to take some of the suggestions you will begin to see a significant change.

Chris R. and Myers R. - AA Speakers - "How to Help the Alcoholic" (Part 1 of 3)

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