Remington barrel date codes = Date of Manufacture

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Dating a remington 870 express anderson cooper dating andy Anaheim CPD is selling about 75 of them in all different configurations some with speed feed stocks some with flashlights and alot with mag ex. Is there any way to tell which are 870 Express models and which are Police Magnums. For example, 1 has a surefire light aand forend but it doesn't dating a remington 870 express it is a police magnum but that it has a police magazine.

remington 870 barrel date codes

SOCIAL Dating your remington shotgun Remington serial number decoder will the barrel date your paid membership on the left rear of date codes. How do i find today. If you have been forged from your daating firearms have been forged from your shotgun. Remington can date codes were marked which will the shotgun. Very popular and answers at least some help dating a special resource for the serial remington cartridge boxes shotguns all pages on this website.

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