Avoiding and Accommodating in Negotiation

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Accommodating negotiation style example breast cancer survivor and dating If the terms of an agreement are critical and must be complied with, a competitive negotiator will be your secret weapon. If the second negotiator is also competitive, having another competitive negotiator on your team will be able to counter-balance their aggression. Competitive negotiators work best in a highly competitive industry or for once-off sales, such accommodating negotiation style example selling a home or cacommodating car.

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May 3, 2016 Heather Meeker Green3 min read Ever wonder why some negotiators approach the situation from completely different viewpoints and with others it goes easily and smoothly? It might be that they have similar or very different styles. Negotiators have a tendency to negotiate from one of five styles. competing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, or collaborative. All rights reserved. According to observation over the last two decades of hundreds of negotiator behaviors and perspectives and confirmed through negotiation literature, generally people approach negotiations from one of these five styles and exhibit the certain characteristics.

Avoiding and Accommodating in Negotiation Negotiation skills Avoiding and Accommodating in Negotiation Negotiation Skills - Contrasts the avoiding and accommodating approaches to negotiating. Also explains how to appropriately use these approaches.

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