Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Who is anne hathaway currently dating how dating has changed since the 1950s The couple is so in love and it's very evident. Hathaway and Shulman have harhaway brought two souls in this world. Ever since Anne Hathaway got married to her husband, Adam Shulman, she has been a different woman. The actress has been very supportive of her family and her husband, Shulman always stands on her who is anne hathaway currently dating.

The couple had been dating for four years at the time. The couple split in June of 2008, after law officials accused Follieri of swindling investors out of millions and falsely claiming that the Vatican appointed him to manage its financial affairs. Movies 'The Princess Diaries' In 2001 Hathaway took on the role that made her famous. She starred as Mia Thermopolis, a smart, klutzy teen who learns she is actually a princess of a small country called Genovia, in The Princess Diaries. Thermopolis' grandmother, played by Julie Andrews , instructs her in all things royal.

Actress Anne Hathaway began dating Italian businessman, Raffaello Follieri in the spring of 2004 when she was a ripe 21. Four years later, Raffaello is facing a dozen counts of money laundering, conspiracy, and wire fraud, as well as being characterized as a "con man" by federal prosecutors. Reports are the couple split in June. Hathaway studied at Vassar College and the prestigious Barrow Group theater company.

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