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Who is amanda seales dating 2019 statistics of online dating dangers This includes the day she began talking to him and the day she stopped. I keep getting more info and this tea is piping hot! Amanda has been trying to bring his name up repeatedly for attention, longer than she has even known him. She went on two dates who is amanda seales dating 2019 Tajai. She knew that he was single and not trying to be with her exclusively.

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The Flamboyant Superstar. Amanda Seales Synopsis. Amanda Seales is one of the most iconic and the coolest personality in the field of television and entertainment. She is an all-rounder and has put her hands in many fields and has been a super success in each of the fields. She is better known around the world as a comedian, actress, disc jockey, and awesome recording artist along with being a radio personality. In addition to this, she was also a touring member of the musical group called the Floetry.

Amanda Seales Defends 'Insecure' Character’s Attitude

She was operating in that spirit of sisterhood when she shared that former NFL player turned neurosurgeon M yron Rolle was being sexually inappropriate with herself and even harassing another woman by opening up the door naked, when she showed up to meet him for a date. Somewhere along the way, the story shifted from Rolle being inappropriate with Seales, to him having harassed her. Which is something she never said. Thankfully, the two were able to confront one another, where the journalist admitted that he lied to create a story. After all of that, being attacked by her own community, Seales felt it was time she stepped away from social media.

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