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Singles Cruises That Leave from Canada If you are a single person on a cruise designed for couples, you are not only going to find yourself the odd man or woman out, but you'll often have to pay a hefty fee to have a cabin to yourself rather than bunk with a total stranger. The good news is that some cruises are designed specifically for singles, from activities to accommodations. Smaller cruises have single cabins and some larger cruise lines will waive the singles fee. Norwegian Epic Singles Cruises The Norwegian Epic came up with an idea for those who want to cruise alone without sharing a cabin with a stranger. studio staterooms for singles that -- although quite small -- connect to a common living area where travelers may socialize with a morning cup of coffee, afternoon tea or evening cocktail. Regardless of your destination, the Epic is a freestyle cruising experience that includes the SVEDKA Ice Bar, an old-school supper club, chic nightclubs, a full-service spa, sports complex, rock climbing, fitness center, a two-story Wii center and a three-lane bowling alley.


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So, when I saw a post on my friend's Instagram about an event called " Queer Speed Cruising ," I immediately got tickets without a second thought. Three outfit changes, four group chat freak outs, and two lipstick shades later, I found myself pushing open the wooden doors of a bar in Ridgewood, Queens, and strolling past a sign that read. "Closed tonight for a private event.

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