I watched HBO’s Tinder-shaming doc ‘Swiped’ so you don’t have to

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Hbo online dating doc craigslist amarillo dating Sales, who wrote and directed Swiped, would think that this is bad with a capital B. Before writing her 2016 book American Girls hbo online dating doc young women and social media, Sales wrote a Vanity Fair story on the app during its early days in 2015. That article onlinw to have formed much of this basis of this new documentary on HBO. In many respects, this argument is persuasive; in interviews with dating-app users in Austin, New York City, California, hbo online dating doc the Midwest, women complain of being inundated with dick pics and requests for nudes.

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In the documentary Swiped, filmmaker Nancy Jo Sales investigates how dating apps have created unintended consequences in actual relationships. Courtesy of HBO Listening... But for others, there may still be revelations aplenty in the film, which is subtitled Hooking Up in the Digital Age. It's about how these apps may change how we think about relationships — and it doesn't paint a positive picture.

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Aug 28 2018 HBO It wasn't that long ago when online dating was considered strange. Less than a decade ago, the prevalent stereotype attached to online dating was that it was only for socially awkward nerds who were unable to meet people in real life, or for possible psycho killers looking for their next victim. But in just a few short years, online dating has become the norm among single people, and it's now the people who don't engage in the online dating scene who are labeled weirdos. But what does this mean for society as a whole?

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