Matchmallows Is The Middle Eastern Dating App Of Choice, Plus 7 Other Things To Know About It

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Families from Middle Eastern backgrounds and upbringings need to broaden their minds beyond impossibly restrictive expectations. A Middle Eastern couple exchange rings during their wedding ceremony in Cyprus. I remember the first time I felt the pressure to get married. I thought then it was totally ludicrous. However, the older I became — and as more of my friends married — I heard that statement with increasing frequency.

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Slideshows Dates in the Arab city? Love hacks on the Middle East dating scene Dating, anywhere in the world, can be crazy. Dating in the Middle East, with the wild mashup of traditions, cultures, and religions, creates a whole new set of challenges. Whether you're a seasoned single, returning to the field, or looking to try dates in this region, these observations will help you navigate MENA match-ups. This from a mainly-expat outsider perspective and does not account for all Arab or local experiences and possibilities....


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