How to Apply for 'Dating Around,' Netflix's Reality Show About Finding Your Match

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Dating reality shows applications serious dating apps india They make their daters go bikini skiingor mud wrestle their romantic rivalsor kiss in old-age makeup. It is the rare dating show that takes dating seriously. That is a pleasant surprise.

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How can I audition for reality shows? We're asked all the time how to audition for this or that show. Some shows have easy-to-find Web pages, and keep their casting info prominent year-round. Others are harder to find, or only list their casting information for that short period of time when they are actively looking for new contestants.

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The show is now casting! Click here to sign up now. We want to see it!

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How much detail should I include in my bio? Which photo shows I'm a nice girl with a dark side? Should I respond to this tool who keeps bread-crumbing me? The answer to that last question is always and unequivocally. No. So it's fitting that after just 18 months of knowing each other, Jocelyn and I would decide to audition for The Bachelor at an open casting call.

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And though reality shows are a dime a dozen, this particular take on romance is much more muted and realistic than its rose-centric predecessors. Not only is the series more realistic, but the tone is laid-back and definitely not cut-throat.