Skating and Dating: The Boss

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Dating in roller derby dating guidelines pdf So when my girlfriend was accepted into a Masters course which meant both of us relocating from Glasgow to London last year I was a little apprehensive about the move. However, in hindsight, I believe our stress levels were kept to a minimum thanks to two words — Roller Derby. For those not acquainted with the term, Roller Derby is a full contact sport dating in roller derby on quad adting skates.

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I caught the competitive bug from my mother at a young age. She would challenge my sister and I to swim races on vacations when we were still in grade school; she beat us every time, of course. That, along with racking up countless losses during family games of Scrabble, helped me to develop a healthy competitive spirit for which I am thankful today.

Roller Derby date: Expectations vs Reality

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Star and I met playing roller derby in the fall of '07. I had been playing on our fledgling league for about 3 months when Star joined. From the beginning it was pretty awesome because we really just developed a friendship built on the joint efforts and the pursuit of our own empowerment.

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