German broadcaster buys US dating site eharmony

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Dating app commercials age gap dating advice Tweet It was in London I saw it for the dating app commercials time. Nothing wrong with that picture right? It had the words Halal meet next to the picture.

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But for many viewers, Super Bowl Sunday is about the spectacle. The year's biggest game, biggest half-time show , and of course, the biggest commercials. Advertising during the Super Bowl guarantees a massive audience and the prestige of sharing airtime with some of the most iconic ads ever created.

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Olay Get the Think newsletter. Whether hawking beer, Axe body spray, or trucks, hyper-masculine tropes often came standard. The issue, however, is that while men make up a large part of the viewing audience for the Super Bowl — and the NFL in general — female viewership has been steadily climbing. Marketing companies are starting to take notice, however slowly, and this year brands like Olay and Bumble are targeting women specifically.

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Трудно было смириться с тем, что в конечном счете правы оказались все-таки. Он повернулся было к Хилвару, ища поддержки. Но Хилвар стоял, крепко сжав кулаки, и в глазах у него застыло какое-то неживое выражение. Голова была склонена на сторону: казалось, будто он прислушивается к чему-то, напрягая все свои чувства, пытаясь разумом проникнуть в пустоту, простирающуюся вокруг .