Giving The Eye to the Science Guy: Why Every Woman Should Consider Dating a Nerd

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Dating a science guy bad dating profiles Post love quotes or your couple photos. Utterly Wondrous Things You Should Know Before Dating a Scientist Whether it be their intellectual appeal or their dating a science guy nerdiness that attracts you, scientists make a unique date. Do you 'homework' well to get to know them better! Sonal Dharmadhikari Last Updated. Dec 09, 2017 They have strong opinions When most of one's time is spent poring over evidence, perfecting solutions and drawing inferences, one dating a science guy safely say they have a strong opinion on most of the things us 'plebs' debate upon. These strong opinions, though, do not mean they are narrow-minded or closed.

They believe nothing that can be proven, only supported by evidence. Scientists have a child-like heart. If you take them anywhere, be prepared for them to make several pit-stops. They have the curiosity of a child and enjoy exploring the world around them. If you find this irritating rather than endearing, dating a scientist may not be an option for you.

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The Science of Love

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