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Dating a patient reddit carbon dating worksheet doc Chances are, it pales into insignificance when you hear the things doctors have burnt into their retinas. Put aside dating a patient reddit lunch or snacks and ready your stomach for some seriously gag-worthy details of the horrors these medical stalwarts have had to deal with. Will any of us ever want to talk to a gynecologist ever again after reading this list? Read on for a gruesome, revealing and occasionally hilarious glimpse into the world of gynecology.

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Upon declaring he wants a divorce and is taking the kids, the wife stabs and kills the kids aged 7 and 3 This all stemmed from a Reddit post where he asked for advice on how to proceed, fairly standard situation by most standards, but his wife reacted in a way nobody ever thought would happen. Before he fled he wrote out what he was thinking prior to anyone knowing he murdered his girlfriend. By the time i read his post he was wanted for murder.

Mark Pimentel, MD The more things change, the more they stay the same — even with the physician-patient relationship. However, with the advent of more advanced technology and the rise of telehealth , physicians can reach more than just the patients in their practice, allowing for new avenues to be explored for physicians provide the public with the best information. Websites like WebMD offer the public a place to go for trusted information on general medicine topics.

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