The Men Who Have Mostly Female Friends

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Dating a man with lots of female friends top 10 social networking sites for dating Copy Link Copied 15 They Hate You If your boyfriend dating a man with lots of female friends a huge group of friends and a bunch of them are girls who basically hate you, you should definitely be worried. Who wouldn't be, right? He would feel the exact same way if the situation was completely reversed and you had a bunch of male friends who weren't super thrilled about him. The fact is that why would they loathe you and be annoyed that you're in article source boyfriend's life if there wasn't something to be super suspicious about and worried dtaing Doesn't that just prove that they're all secretly in love with him?

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All of a sudden, you realize that every comment on his Facebook page is from women. Now, you want to know why some guys have significantly more female friends than male friends. More importantly, is this something that you should be worried about? Starting in the 1990s, there was a new culture where tom boys were accepted and the different genders could become friends.

Some female friends could be part of this circle too and there shouldn't be any reason for you to be bothered or feel threatened by them. But if they're behaving in an inappropriate manner, there could be more going on than meets the eye. Here are seven situations you should look out for, then have a chat with your man to allay your fears about them. If he's constantly messaging his female friends while he's with you, that's not normal.

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