How to move music from your iTunes account to an Android phone

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Posted by Curtis How to fix a damaged iTunes library The dreaded exclamation points in your iTunes library! Edited metadata that doesn't show up outside of iTunes! Most of us have had at least some of these issues, and if you're unlucky most or all of your library can end up like this. Maybe you moved your library from one hard disk to another, you had to get your library back from an old backup, or maybe your disk was failing and this is what you got after running recovery software.

How to move your iTunes library to an external hard drive - relocate iTunes

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This means that iTunes has trouble reading or writing to a file or folder on your hard drive. There are several reasons for this, such as a corrupted file, locked or inaccessible files or folders, or if a.

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I personally never use iTunes anymore, but I know a lot of people who keep all their music and movies stored on their computer. I personally find it much easier to stream content from iCloud and to use iTunes Match or Apple Music for listening to my music. However, if you use iTunes for managing music not in iTunes or home video files, etc.