20 things you need to check out at Calgary Expo 2018 this weekend

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There are 50,000 people expected to attend by the end of the weekend and the fire marshal has already started sending disappointed ticket-holders away. No trusty crew, no serviceable transporter anywhere to be seen. Which only makes me feel worse about getting in quite easily. By the time I got to junior high I learned it was prudent to keep all my Spider-Man fantasies to myself.

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo - Journey Alberta

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No matter which geek flag you fly, you can usually find something in your wheelhouse at most comic cons. What were previously comic-centric events have transitioned into truly multimedia events. Gaming, science fiction, fantasy, and horror streams have all become more prevalent at these events, and all in a number of media forms. But genre TV and film actors in particular have taken up the mantle of focus, moving comic cons more into the realm of media expos. Take the 800 pound gorilla of comic cons, Comic-Con International. San Diego, which has so fully transitioned to being about media guests and content that many comic book creators no longer bother attending.

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