These 'The Bachelor' Finale Memes Are Giving Me Life

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Bachelor dating meme dating in rome italy Or perhaps, we need a drink or two or four because of how awkward the interactions between the women and the bachelor can get. Or maybe we drink because bachelor dating meme the only way we can handle the lavish dates the girls get to go on while we can barely get a date to the movies. Wherever this whole bschelor while watching The Bachelor bachelor dating meme came from, we're not going to argue it.

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Colton jumped the fence on The Bachelor. After a season of speculation, we finally know why Colton has to make such a dramatic escape — Cassie chooses to leave the show, and he's heartbroken. It's kind of devastating to watch, and tweets about Colton's fence jump show that this season of The Bachelor has actually gone off the rails in a huge way.

But on Monday night's episode, one of Colton Underwood's final four decided to mix things up a bit. Tayshia and Colton went skydiving on The Bachelor, and now, Twitter can't get enough of it — but as epic as this moment really was, what people actually want to see is the fence jump that people have been waiting for all season long. Despite the fact that Colton and Tayshia, for that matter is afraid of heights, when he arrived in town for her hometown date, she surprised him with an adventure. sky diving, obviously. And yes, Colton looked absolutely terrified during the entire lead up to jumping out of the plane, from the moment he found out that was what they were doing that day through the safety lesson they got before the jump, all the way through the plane ride up. But once he and Tayshia actually jumped out of the plane, the adrenaline hit him and he was so glad it was something that they got to do together.

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