What is Channel 4’s new dating show Flirty Dancing? What time is it on, and how does it work?

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It's like a blind date, but rather than meet up with somebody and then do something more conventional like go to a bar or to a restaurant, you don't speak to this person. You don't know who they are. You don't even quite know where you'll meet them, but you'll bump into somebody. You'll hear the music start to play that you've been rehearsing to for a week, but the person that you're dancing with, it's the first time you've ever seen them, and you have a few minutes to dance with that person, to do a choreographed routine. Then, once it's finished you decide if you like them, what they made you feel like, and if you want to actually see them to go out on a second date.

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I held my breath, put my hands over my mouth to stop myself squealing and watched with eyes wide open as two strangers walked up to each other, held hands — and danced. During one of the hottest UK summers on record, we were on location across the country shooting our unique first-dates format for Channel 4. The production team, creative crew and choreographer worked their socks off but, more importantly, this was two complete strangers putting their hearts on the line. How did our parents meet? What was in the magic of dance?

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Contact Ashley banjo dating show What time is flirty dancing image. ray burmiston. Ashley banjo born 4 october 1988, but will host a new dating show can't touch this week. Flirty dancing.