Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Still Dating?

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Alex rodriguez dating jennifer lopez dating in peru The beloved New Yorkers found love with one another nearly alex rodriguez dating jennifer lopez decade after first meeting at a baseball game in Queens, though A-Rod has hinted in the past the pair may have met even earlier than that. At first, the pair kept it quiet but their silence was short-lived. After just two months of dating, they went public, and they never looked back.

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Ever since confirming their coupling of two years, there's been a joint Vanity Fair cover, adorable red carpet posing, Instagram gushing, a proposal and Rodriguez stepping up to be the best Instagram boyfriend out there. Tell us, that's not the work of fate, people. Here's a timeline of everything we know about their relationship so far starting with the most recent update . 22 March, 2019. Among the many, many friends and fans who have congratulated the couple on their engagement, there was one that particularly caught our attention. Because, the said well-wisher is the former president of the United States.

Jennifer Lopez Wants "The Ring" from A-Rod, But No Pressure

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