Chris Brown Girlfriend: Is the Singer Dating Anyone?

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Who is chris brown currently dating badoo dating zambia download By Pippa Raga 1 week ago One of America's most controversial musicians, Chris Brown30, is making headlines today who is chris brown currently dating two reasons. First, he started claiming he was hacked instead of standing behind the shade he threw on ex Karrueche Tran's new boyfriend via Instagram. It was messy. But if that wasn't not enough for the "She Ain't You" singer, a source recently confirmed to Page Six that he's expecting a second child with a currently pregnant Ammika Harris, 26. What do we know about Chris Brown's daughter, his breakup from Indyamarie and his relationship with Ammika Harris?

chris brown and agnez mo

Share on Facebook Ever since his infamous breakup with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran , Chris Brown has kept things quieter in the public eye when it comes to his love life. That might be changing, however, as the 28-year-old Virginia native sparks rumors that he may be dating 31-year-old Indonesian pop star Agnez Mo. In the past few days, the Heartbreak on a Full Moon singer posted a few photos to Instagram of the two in the studio, but by their cuddled up stance, it looks like they may have more than just musical chemistry. Breezy is seen sporting a big smile while placing his face beside Agnez's and wrapping his arm around her waist; she keeps her hand on his leg for the cozy picture.

Chris Brown Disses Karrueche new boyfriend and says he misses his ex

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Music fans were surprised when Chris Brown wished his ex Rihanna a happy 30th birthday on Feb. It's been nearly a decade since their terrible split in 2009, and fans have assumed both parties went their separate ways after the fallout was over. However, Chris Brown and Rihanna's current relationship status might totally shock you, especially if you didn't know they were still communicating at all.

chris brown and agnez mo

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