Meet London’s dating guru: Nana Wereko-Brobby, Founder of Social Concierge

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Social concierge dating cdff dating login Her mission is to transform modern dating, taking people back offline to an event-based members club experience. Graduating with a 1st class degree with honours, she went on to a career in digital marketing, first in a start-up in Shoreditch and then in Manhattan working for McGraw-Hill Companies. Returning social concierge dating London — with the spirit of New York dating in social concierge dating blood — she went into publishing at Macmillan Education, and created Social Concierge as a date recommendations website in 2011. The site soon attracted a massive following through its editorial content and Nana decided to launch her social concierge dating hustle as a subscription club, hosting private dating parties focusing on bringing together singles from the top universities and companies in the UK and US over drinks. The network established itself as a By Invitation Only events company; a response to the proliferation of apps and lack of personal touch in the growing dating industry.

Courtesy of Social Concierge "What's your type? She takes a good look at him, nods, and grabs my arm. We walk around for about 20 seconds and stop abruptly when we spot a guy coming out of the elevator. The bar is hopping and sort of feels like a rich person's basement. There's a skeeball machine on one end, a bowling lane!

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White Woman Called Out for Racially Targeting Black Men Having BBQ in Oakland

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