The No-Bullshit Way to Find “The One”

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Mark manson blog dating blogs about dating and relationships Say this. Do that. Call him this day. Touch her here. That kind of stuff.

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Mark started blogging in 2008 in the dating space, before pivoting to personal development in 2011. He attributes most of his success to the fact that he is very seriously dedicated to the craft of writing. In this interview Kelly Exeter chats with him about his writing process, monetising his two million monthly readers, and why vulnerability in blogging is over-rated. My current obsession with the show Suits obliges me to slip a gratuitous reference in wherever I can at the moment.

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Being a man and what masculinity is. Being authentic with women. Modern psychology. An ongoing theme of Mark's blog is not just dating advice, but other psychology related topics happiness, satisfaction, purpose etc.

Why Everyone You Date Is A Psycho

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It addresses the biggest problem with pick-up to date; It focuses on techniques and quick fixes instead of the inside-out development into the man that is attractive instead of posing to be that man. Models differs a lot from classic pick up advice. With Models, rejection is often seen as a good thing. Honesty, even if it leads to rejection, is also seen as a good thing.