Meet Edward Avila, the K-Beauty Vlogger You're About to Fall in Love With

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Is edward avila dating coco charlize theron dating problems Interviews is edward avila dating coco Incredible People. Not Llamas. Edward is based in Seoul, South Korea and has a fantastic channel, reviewing Korean cosmetics as well as current style trends for men. They would tell me what clothes to wear, how to cut my hair, etc. With fashion I would just wear whatever clothes I got and follow whatever small fashion trends that would come about at the time.

Sorry folks, but America hasn't cornered the market on boy beauty. Several times a week, Avila posts beauty-related videos on his YouTube channel for his half-million subscribers to enjoy. This was the same panel, by the way, where I learned that some people in Korea use sheet masks up to twice a day I was fascinated by his explanations of how men in Korea do makeup as well as his go-to skin care tips.

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I miss him so much…

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