Is Dating in Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game Worth It? 8 Reasons Why It Totally Isn't

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Dating in kardashian hollywood game dating websites match Will my husband break up with me if I go on date with someone else? I've always been curious, just never tried because I didn't want to get broken up with Gigi, Apr 18, 2015 Answers Closed Answer dating in kardashian hollywood game. Yaya Yes he will call you and ask for a divorce. You have a chance to say it, however only by using about 10 k stars. As if the game wanted me to cheat on my spouse! I'm having another experience right now, similar but a little different.

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I'm confused about the dating stages. I've recently looked this question up, but it didn't match my game. Others are saying that your partner tells you they love you at 2,000 hearts and have already given you the key to their house.

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By Martha Sorren July 31 2014 One of the boasted-about features of the Kim Kardashian iPhone game is the ability to "date and dump other celebs. Never forget that Kim's engagement ring was bigger than North West's hand. Compared to that, dating in Kim Kardashian. Hollywood just isn't worth it.

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