7 things all girls who date an engineer know to be true

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Dating an engineering student dating apps london free No firsthand experience at all, so might as well skip this, right? Because I have lots of friends. Friends from my college, which is engineering, who have been dating an engineering student miserable relationships because of misguided habits and decisions, eventually breaking their hearts. As their friend, I have been their crying shoulder.

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I remember having a conversation with family friend just before I joined campus and she was telling me her experience in the University of Nairobi ; how girls would wash clothes for their boyfriends while they were in class and it was a surprise that it still happens. Anyway there were very many stories I heard before I joined university some were true others were so exaggerated. In first year my roommate was a fourth year, she was like a big sister. If I was not in the room ,I was with her and I guess the fact that she had been in campus for a long while people were really scared of her and it happened to be advantageous for me at the time.

Mar 31 2014 Remember that nerdy, smart kid in your classes in junior high and high school? He was kind of shy, on the honor roll and was afraid of approaching girls? Well, ladies, he has now graduated from college, earns a great salary, will treat you well and makes the absolute perfect boyfriend. Not only is he intelligent, but he is intuitively rational, organized, detail oriented and sometimes a perfectionist, in the best way possible. The ones I have met are the least douchey guys I have ever known.

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