Carbon dating moon rocks

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Carbon dating moon rocks search dating profiles without signing up We received this letter from a visitor to our web site. Hello, I believe a scientist whose name is Mitsunobu Tatsumoto ascertained that the earth is 4. This was probably early 1980's.

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Now, for the first time, researchers have successfully determined the age of a Martian rock—with experiments performed on Mars. The work, led by geochemist Ken Farley of the California Institute of Technology Caltech , could not only help in understanding the geologic history of Mars but also aid in the search for evidence of ancient life on the planet. However, shortly before the rover left Earth in 2011, NASA's participating scientist program asked researchers from all over the world to submit new ideas for experiments that could be performed with the MSL's already-designed instruments. Farley, W. Keck Foundation Professor of Geochemistry and one of the 29 selected participating scientists, submitted a proposal that outlined a set of techniques similar to those already used for dating rocks on Earth, to determine the age of rocks on Mars.

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Re. Moon Rocks dated past 4. Let's take an example of an isotope with a suitably long half-life - Thorium 232. This has a half-life of 14 billion years. Ultimately, 232Th decays, via a chain of short-lived intermediates, to 208Pb, which is stable.

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Which age is correct? None of them! Sample 10017 was dated by five different sources with nineteen different results.