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Age limits for dating in texas free dating sites in glasgow Texas is one of many states that have passed legal protections for certain teens who have had consensual sex with someone below the age of consent Perhaps you've heard of Texas' so-called Romeo and Juliet Law and may have wondered. What is the Romeo and Juliet law? And how does it work? Like some other states, Texas has enacted this law to protect teenagers fir are close in age from facing sex crime charges and convictions when they have consensual sex, even when one or both teens are below the legal age of consent which, in Texas, is 17. Romeo and Juliet age limits for dating in texas also protects these teens from having to register as sex offenders. Therefore, what might be considered statutory rape from one standpoint is instead considered legal given the nature of Texas' Romeo and Juliet law.

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However, sexual assault in Texas is fairly complicated and warrants close attention so that those accused know what the state must prove to convict them. If you need help with a Texas sexual assault case, you should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer today. Under Texas law, a child is anyone under the age of 17. A key element of the law is that the perpetrator does not need to know how old the child is to commit sexual assault against a child.

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At certain points, these laws could conflict because of the age of consent and the gap of ages with the two accused of sex crimes. Texas Age of Consent In the state of Texas, the age of consent is seventeen.

Sodomy Laws

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By Deborah C. Is this true? Answer. Unfortunately, you may be at risk. While Texas does have a Romeo and Juliet law, it does not apply to same-sex relationships. This article discusses statutory rape laws as they apply to people of the same gender.

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