Teen Dating App Has Some Worried: Is 'Yellow' Safe?

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Yellow snapchat dating app dating during separation in california App companies spend fortunes yellow snapchat dating app massive amounts of time behind closed doors debating an app name. Now, however, there is virtually and literally no way to reach their team. Why Change the Name of an App? There are usually two primary reasons when an app has a name change.

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Share A social networking app for young people called Yellow is stirring up new concern now that a British daytime TV host has spoken out about just how easy it is to fake a profile. Yellow was first launched in 2015, premised on the simple facts most teens are teeming with hormones and interested in exploring their sexuality. After Tinder announced it would be prohibiting underage users from using it, Yellow seemed to fill the hole left in the dating app space for teens.

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A new dating app, Yellow, is targeting teens

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