The Dating of Food Vessels and Urns in Ireland

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The dating of food vessels and urns in ireland best hookup dating apps australia The site function was undoubtedly various and reflected the eschatological beliefs of the community that constructed the monuments. One function was to house the dead, usually cremated remains, in communal tombs and often accompanied by grave goods. They also stood as visually striking permanent monuments on the landscape, possibly as territorial markers, reminders of the ancestors and a testament to a belief in ire,and beyond death. Many tombs do not fit conveniently into the standard classification.

Pottery during the Bronze Age Common types current in the late fourth to early third centuries BC late Neolithic-early Bronze Age Funerary practices offer the best chance of preservation of prehistoric pottery. The ritual burial of cremated bone in pots or inhumations with accompanying vessels placed below ground level removes the pottery from destructive processes such as weathering, erosion or sometimes ploughing. Pottery found in domestic contexts such as the floor surface of a round-house is often damaged and very fragmentary and more than often completely destroyed. In the earlier Bronze Age pottery types and decoration were diverse and intricate with elaborate geometric designs and motifs.

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