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Radiocarbon dating lab dating woolrich clothing Testing and analysis for the pulp, paper, and allied industries. References Radiocarbon WEB-info Provides a large international listing of laboratories that do radiocarbon dating; information on radiocarbon dating; publications and references; and educational materials. Radiocarbon, vol. Aitken, M. Thermoluminescence dating, London; Orlando. Academic Press, radiocarbon dating lab, 359 p.

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Secretarial. Patricia Wietzes Method Overview Overview Radiocarbon dates are obtained by measuring the ratio of the unstable isotope, 14C radiocarbon , to the stable isotope, 12C, in a sample. Radiocarbon is produced naturally, in the upper atmosphere, as a secondary product of the cosmic ray bombardment. After dispersal throughout the atmosphere, it becomes fixed by vegetation through photosynthesis, and is subsequently transmitted up the food chain. However, 14C is unstable, and continually decays away with a half-life of about 5730 years.

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How Does the Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Work?

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