Dating Less Than 3 Months, How To Tell Him Im Pregnant?

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Pregnant after 4 months of dating dating relating waiting Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber began dating inpregnant after 4 months of dating it. Rumors began swirling about them again in Aprilwhen Justin. If you know he's the one you should just explain that to your family. I'm 23 and he's 25 and I knew from the first day I met him I was going to marry him. Unfortunately it didn't go to term, and ended around 7 weeks.

Dating 5 weeks and found out I was prego. Really hope that your situation works out better than mine. He did not take the news well, said its unfair on the child and spoke of this great life we could have without the child. Only seen him twice since and this was weeks ago. Part of me hopes he will come around but I kind of know it will never be right between us now.

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pregnant after 2 weeks of dating

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pregnant too soon

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Pregnancy; the first 3-4 months & coping with morning sickness!

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