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The loss of those amazing cutscenes No more 3D exploration Possibly steep challenge Confession time. we probably could have had this review of Persona 3 Portable up last week. Yes, Sony's infamously-mandated requirement of a fairly significant chunk of the game needing to be new from PS2 to PSP ports has given us an entire story told from a female lead's perspective rather than the usual headphones-packing dude, but in practice very, very little has changed here. You'll still spend the Dark Hour - that hour between midnight and 12.00.01 where we're all coffins and monsters roam the world - running around a massive, randomly-shifting dungeon, but all the stuff outside that has changed a little.

Persona 3 FES - Max Social Link - Lovers Arcana (Yukari Takeba)

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Date another akihiko. persona 3 dating akihiko had to atlus have now since it requires talking to be in action again this week. Action shin megami tensei. persona 3 portable.

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Been looking through the various guides and they seem to offer varying opinions. If the player chooses to complete her dating requests, Elizabeth gradually shows feelings for the Main Character throughout the scenes.