Arnold Schwarzenegger shows off sporty style during low-key lunch date with Heather Milligan

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Things you didn't know about Arnold's odd marriage Getty Images Sarah Taylor Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger's marriage to Maria Shriver was fraught with issues from day one. Despite reported cheating scandals, a love child, and an assortment of other dalliances, the couple's marriage spanned more than three decades, and they even remained married for years after separating. Check out the oddest elements of this unorthodox union. Later that year, he reportedly started hooking up with Shriver.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s First Words on Daughter Katherine’s Engagement to Chris Pratt

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Alberto E. I'm personally still trying to get over Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, so please don't me because it's been a pretty rough road. But look, we all know that Chris and Anna are, at the end of the day, two regular humans albeit it, very talented and good-looking ones , and despite their divorce, they might meet someone new and fall in love once more. So when word got out that Chris Pratt was spotted with Katherine Schwarzenegger, the rumor mill began churning almost immediately. But let's all cool it for a hot minute, because it looks like Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger aren't dating seriously, which means you've still got a chance.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shakes a woman to death

Was Chris Pratt Nervous Asking Arnold Schwarzenegger for Katherine’s Hand in Marriage?

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Nov 13 2018 Alberto E. Oh, and Katherine Schwarzenegger. Katherine's dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, joined her and Chris Pratt for an early morning double date, People reported, hinting that Pratt and the Terminator's daughter might be ramping up their romance. Meeting the parents is usually a pretty big deal for most couples. According to People, the pair was originally set up by Katherine's mother, Maria Shriver , so there's one parent Pratt didn't have to worry about right off the bat.