7 Women Discuss What It Means to Be An “Intimidating Woman”

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How to be more intimidating as a woman dating anniversary gift ideas Most of us have probably felt it, upon meeting someone who seems to have it so together —the job, the spouse, the home, the wardrobe, the sense of nonchalance about it all—that for some reason, we automatically think less of ourselves. We wonder what we could ever offer such a person, how inimidating would even have a conversation with them how to be more intimidating as a woman blurting out something dumb about their shoes or the photo they posted on Instagram last Sunday. What does it really mean to be intimidating as a woman?

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Women won't stop at your face; we'll label all of you as that. I'm not talking about the woman you're too scared to talk to. I'm talking about the woman that you dream of, finally find and chase down, but then are too afraid to date. Why, yes, you now have my attention because I'm now curious about your psyche. We've been talking for a while, maybe even tried the dating thing, and for whatever reason, you feel the need to inform me as if I didn't already know that I'm intimidating.

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