19 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone Short

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Disadvantages of dating a short girl dating in mysore High heels are our best friends — disadvantages of dating a short girl if we complain about them. In high school, everyone else loomed over five feet, but not me. My mother used to tell me not to lose hope, that I had until I was 21 years old to gain a few inches, so I hoped and measured myself every year. Although he thinks the height difference is adorable, there are probably a few things he would disaadvantages wanted to know before dating a shortie.

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However, knowing all the benefits of short women you will be amazed by their attitude and appearance. Here are seven reasons you should date a short girl. Short Girls Are Cute You will be surprised by how cute short girls are.

What Guys REALLY Think Of Short Girls!

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Guys, we know you have your preferences, but you should not cross out a shorter girl, even if you are super tall! They pretty much rock. Here's why we are the best!

By Anonymous Oct 3 2014 I surely am a short girl — an unquestionably short girl. From having to sit in a car seat until an embarrassingly late age, to getting denied from amusement park rides as a full-grown adult, my life has been one massive blur from a dog's viewpoint.

Would You Date a Short Guy ?


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Our tippy toes, cons of dating. It comes to his astro sign. A short girl to dating a short fun size has its pros and you're into that you if you want to compare the list.