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While Brian Hayes provides a wealth of valuable information on Sheldon Brown's website as does Tony Hadland , I still had to dive into this operation unsure of what to expect the first time. This post is the first of a few "tutorials" I plan to write and with it, I hope to bring together all of the information I have found useful and provide straightforward, basic instructions to tear down one of these hubs and get it running without modification. Image from en.

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From a very early stage the company worked with Raleigh , and was soon acquired by Raleigh , possibly also in 1902. Raleigh then used the Sturmey-Archer brand as its brand for components, particularly for its famous range of internally geared hubs. Sturmey-Archer hubs that I have worked in our workshops, many of which are still running to this day include the 3 speed K series first introduced in 1918! This is not to mention the endless variations of dynohubs. There was a time when so many AW s passed through our workshop that I could disassemble them, service them inevitably replacing the clutch and pinion pins and reassemble them in my sleep.

How To Adjust Cable/Shifting On Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Hub

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Sturmey-archer SX-RK3 Internally Geared Hub for Fat Tire Bikes

Sturmey Archer AW 3 Speed Hub - Bearing Service / Overhaul - Vintage Bicycle