Should You Date Someone Similar To You? 14 Women Reveal How They Feel About It

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Dating someone with similar personality dating services for mentally challenged Feb 03, 2016, 06. Dating someone who is your mirror image in terms of personality and hobbies is a great idea, but it does come with its own share of problems. Here's what you need to watch out for if you and your partner are on the same page of the same book. We dating someone with similar personality the same things Pro. Great! That means every weekend you get to do exactly what you want without any wounded glances from your better half.

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While having a few common interests and basic outlook on life is important, dating someone too similar to yourself could lead to stagnancy, boredom, and dissatisfaction down the road. Well, think about dating a clone of yourself. Having the same likes and dislikes, the same quirks, same hobbies, exact same personality, taste in food…you would eventually feel trapped and complacent, and would likely seek someone who complemented you rather than mirrored you.

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Behavior Opposites attract? Why you should date someone more like you Actors Kristen Stewart L and Robert Pattinson, stars in the new film "The Twilight Saga. New Moon", are shown in a scene from the film in this undated publicity photograph. But being hot on the dance floor doesn't mean you'll have a long, happy relationship. Today Bella and Edward in the "Twilight" series are certainly a definition of opposites who can't resist each other.

March 28, 2017 Photo credit. Moyan Brenn If you were brought up on a diet of Disney fairy tales, you might be forgiven for thinking that opposites attract. Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid all perpetuate the idea that the ideal partner is someone who has the opposite qualities to ourselves.

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By Candice Jalili Feb 14 2018 In an ideal world, what would your soulmate be like? I used to think the term "soulmate" implied that it was one soul in two bodies, meaning the two of you would be very similar. However, I think there's also something to be said about dating someone who's essentially your opposite.