Accommodation in Port Lincoln South Australia

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Dating port lincoln south australia 100 percent free russian dating sites It might not be swimming with great whites, which you can also do around these parts, but it certainly gets the adrenalin running in the 17C water when 60-odd yellowfin tuna from about 30-60kg are flashing past, dating port lincoln south australia for a feed of fish from a man standing with a bucket on the pontoon who continues to throw pilchards by the handful in my direction. Geared up in a wetsuit, mask and snorkel, I catch a fish mid-air before doing as instructed and holding out my hand for a tuna to come zooming by for some morning tea from tentative fingertips. The pontoon is a 20-minute boat ride from Port Lincoln's main marina, and the Swim With the Tuna trip caters for families, swimmers and non-swimmers alike, ilncoln quality gear, plus two touch dating port lincoln south australia full of fish, abalone and crustaceans for the smaller tourist.

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Swimming with Sealions @ Port Lincoln

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