The Fate of the 1 Yen Coin – When will it lose its lustre in Japan?

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Blue 8 Comments 1 Yen Coin — What is its fate? Next time you are having lunch with your Japanese colleagues, and have one of those awkward moments where no-one has a good topic to tide over until the food arrives, try asking them their thoughts on the 1 yen coin. Half of them will respond that they never really gave it any thought i. Dig a little deeper, and ask them why? It is here where you find deeply ingrained, and somewhat unfounded Nihonjin-ness come out — Japan is still mero-mero in love with their yen, and bringing up its abolishment brings gains us a little more insight into just how close the Japanese individuals are in their way of thinking when it comes to matters close to home read this anecdote if you read Japanese, it expresses the sentiment of many people in Japan towards the 1 yen coin.

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