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Dating aria pro ii guitars dating inside the church The MM-20 offers an incredibly versatile, classy, and traditional styling to the discerning guitarist, and brings it all together beautifully with excellence in workmanship, beautiful tonewoods, and sound and playability that cannot be matched to others. Made in 1980 in Japan, this guitar has minor surface wear and a couple of tiny bumps on the body, but no nasty cracks or repairs. This is essentially a very precise copy of a Gibson ES-175. These Matsumoku-made Arias became notorious for their incredible build quality dating aria pro ii guitars attention to detail.

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Tell me about Aria Pro II guitars. Dating Aria Guitars Guitarsite ; Oh, and mine's currently in pieces and the body's down to bare ply. I had it de-fretted years ago as an experiment, you understand, but it played very nicely and am just waiting for the opportunity to put it all back together. Thanks for the pics! I wouldn't know where to start putting a price on one now, though It won't be all that much, but they do play well and their sound is reasonably versatile - seen in the context of today's entry level market, that probably won't mean all that much That nice understated retro-metal look might go a couple of quid in your favour at the right time and in the right place.

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Aria Pro II Acoustic Guitar Review

pSyCho jOe's Aria Pro II Guitar Solo with Chrome Whammy Bar on Blue Crackle Body