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A brief history The use of candlesticks is documented since the antique Greek period and the Roman Empire. Candlesticks have been produced in all periods but it is just after the restoration of monarchy 1660 that in England survived a sufficient number of pieces to allow scholars to describe in details their evolution in style and shape. During Charles II period around 1670 candlesticks were generally made of hammered silver.

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How to Identify an Antique Brass Candleholder By Linda Stamberger ; Updated April 12, 2017 Antique brass candleholders go back to the 18th century, when brass was poured into a mold in the shape of elaborate candelabras and ornate brass candlesticks. Used before the invention of electricity, candleholders made from brass were a much-needed utilitarian decorative, made both for function and beauty by master craftsmen. Parts of an antique brass candlestick include the wax pan, nozzle, sconce, capital, shoulder, stem, column, knop, well and base. Check the antique brass candleholder to see if it has a seamed stem.

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