I had a bad case of baby fever, and a dead-end relationship

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Dating a girl with baby fever dating my daughter faq They get misty-eyed over babies, talk toddlers on the first date, and are hunting for Mrs. Meet the men pressuring their partners to dating a girl with baby fever. Mar 24, 2011 Robert Daly Last August, Paul Bavineau, 41, was walking with his girlfriend when they saw two boys playing in the street. At the sight, Bavineau's paternal instinct kicked in — he couldn't wait to be a dad and goof around with his own kids. But a growing number of men are finding themselves in a similar position.

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I lock eyes with mom after mom and smile to appear non-threatening, because I know every single one of them is put slightly on edge by the way I lovingly gazing at their tiny human. When my boyfriend and I go out and he catches me smiling at something behind his back, he sighs and asks "do you see a baby? I'm constantly tugging at his sleeve because I saw another pregnant woman and "oooh, she must be so excited! If I hear one crying, my head snaps up in search of the howling. If it doesn't stop, I crane my neck until I am sure that the child is being cared for and wasn't left in a basket for some pedestrian to find.

4 Reasons not to date a woman with kids

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It happened all at once like an abrupt wall of brake lights on the Hollywood freeway. Until then, I thought the biological clock was a myth created by women dissatisfied with their careers or trying to mend wayward marriages. But this was no myth. After years of systematically thwarting pregnancy, I was out of my mind, crazed to become pregnant. But, I was in a dead-end relationship living in a city that seemed to foster dead-end relationships.

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