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Conception 2 dating guide dating former patients Great RPG fundamentals with clever additions Interesting concept for monster collecting Will please fans looking for racier content Cons Over-the-top fanservice Not all that original Conception 2. Children of the Seven Stars is its own worst enemy. It understands and solo travel dating upon conception 2 dating guide fundamentals of dungeon-crawling to make this an enjoyable new entry in the Conception 2 dating guide genre. Then it puts a damper on the fun by progressing the story via suggestive conversations with 17-year-old girls. The gratuitous dating sim sex appeal continually gets in the way of the role-playing action, holding back the game from true greatness no matter how well it executes the less-risque aspects.

Also, any copying of this to use for profit or claiming this as your own work will be dealt with accordingly. What is Classmating? In the game Conception 2 one of the main mechanics is called classmating where you as the MC pick a female character and create a star child to take up to nine of them into a labyrinth with you. There is also 2 other versions of Classmating called Tri-mating where you pick 2 of the female heroines and the MC to make a stronger child. All of her babies will have great accuracy, with good attack stat, however they will be mowing a lot slower than babies made by other moms.

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Момент для размышлений и анализа, хотел он того или нет, наступил именно. Но сначала он расскажет Хилвару обо всем, что произошло с ним с момента его торопливого отбытия двумя днями. Хилвар выслушал одиссею безо всяких комментариев и не требуя разъяснений. Казалось, он тотчас схватывает все, что говорит ему Олвин, и он не выказал ни малейшего удивления даже тогда, когда друг рассказал о своей встрече с Центральным Компьютером и о той операции, которую мозг города произвел с сознанием робота.

Это, конечно, вовсе не означало, что он был не способен удивляться.

Conception II - Harem Ending [3DS]

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars - Pool Event Scene (w/ Every Girl) [3DS]