Cheryl Cole ex boyfriends list – from Ashley Cole to Tre Holloway following Liam Payne split

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Cheryl cole dating history american girl dating an australian man But these aren't the only notches on her bedpost. Cheryl gives fans the first glimpse of the video for her comeback single Love Made Me Do It 13 She is currently single after splitting with singer Liam PayneCredit. Rex Features Cheryl cole dating history plumber who said she had sex seven times in one day One of Cheryl's early boyfriends was plumber Steve Thornton, then 21, who she dated for five months back in 2000. In 2008, he article source that Cheryl seduced him by putting a blindfold on cheryl cole dating history and leading him upstairs, telling him "I'm going to give you the ride of your life". She took the blindfold off, revealing that she was wearing a cowboy outfit.

Are Cheryl and Liam splitting up, are they married now and why has Liam asked for legal advice? But now it has emerged that their relationship is in crisis. Here's the lowdown on what's going on.. On February 18, 2018 The Sun on Sunday revealed that despite holding crisis talks about the future of their relationship, pals fear the showbiz couple could be on the verge of splitting.

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I'm still struggling to digest the news because just a few months ago, the couple seemed so solid. Seriously, how did it all go so wrong, and so quickly at that?

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