An Interview with Alex Scally of Beach House

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Beach house band dating guam online dating sites Tweet "What's click guys' deal? For all its beauty, Beach House was also an enticingly eerie album, eliciting a level of natural curiosity from the listener as to click beach house band dating music even came from, as if it were possible for such sounds to be naturally occuring. That inquisitive spirit wafted in again while spending time with 7, Beach House's alluringly strange seventh album. Amidst the record's dense tangle of electronics and psychedelic motifs, I found myself asking again of one beach house band dating North America's most visibly successful indie bands. What's these guys' deal? During the writing and recording process, Scally and Legrand totally upended their very nature of creation by expanding their Baltimore practice space to include a recording setup, making for a streamlined creative process.

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His work appears in Rolling Stone Magazine. It wasn't love at first sight —the duo, as they have to keep explaining, aren't actually dating— but it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Their fruitful musical marriage, as Beach House, has found the pair presiding over a charmingly murky kind of comedown balladry. Their slow, droney, opiate songs of suffering are aglow with the light of imaginary Sunday mornings, evoking iconic acts like Nico and Mazzy Star. Over submerged, muffled drums, Scally paints licks of slide-guitar that hang and dangle.

Beach House "Heart Of Chambers"

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Beach House Interview, Charlie Rose 05/08/2016

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